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Welcome to! We are an ad revenue sharing operation wherein members and non-members can place ads and earn commissions from referrals and ad sales. However, the emphasis is not the revenue sharing aspect of Rather, the mission of this website is to provide an advertising platform for marketers and businesses doing business on and offline to a broad audience.
OUR ADS GET SEEN. In fact, when you place an ad here, it continues to be rotated and seen until you run out of credits! You never have to come back everyday or two to post your ads. You do not get emails from other members. PURCHASED ads have a place on the website all their own and enjoy a visibility all their own. This type of ad has a duration based upon days, months, or 365 days based upon your ad pack purchase. Members are able to place inexpensive ads of all types: login ads, banner, text, and classifieds, and earn commissions.

We are still in the process of making updates to the revenue sharing programs. Revenue from sales depend on the volume of sales that result from the increase in user ad purchases and referrals that upgrade by purchasing ads.

This advertising platform attracts a worldwide audience seeking online earning opportunities, resources and tools for Niche and Affiliate Marketing. WE DO NOT PROMOTE AFFILIATE MARKETING PROGRAMS. ADVERTISERS DO!

If you are unfamiliar with affiliate marketing, it is recommended that you obtain the Free eBooks at

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